About node-wpapi

node-wpapi is an isomorphic JavaScript client for the WordPress REST API that makes it easy for your JavaScript application to request specific resources from a WordPress website. It uses a query builder-style syntax to let you craft the request being made to REST API endpoints, then returns the API's response to your application as a JSON object. And don't let the name fool you: with Webpack or Browserify, node-wpapi works just as well in the browser as it does on the server!

This library is maintained by K. Adam White at Bocoup, with contributions from a great community of WordPress and JavaScript developers.

To get started, npm install wpapi or download the browser build and check out "Installation" and "Using the Client" below.

Readme & Getting Started

  1. Installation
  2. Using the Client
  3. Custom Routes
  4. Embedding Data
  5. Collection Pagination
  6. Customizing HTTP Request Behavior
  7. Authentication
  8. Issues
  9. Contributing
  10. API Documentation

User Guides

Don't see the topic you're looking for? Open an issue to request a guide, or submit your own with a pull request!