node-wpapi works both on the server or in the browser. Node.js version 4.0 or higher is required.

Install with NPM

To use the library from Node, install it with npm:

npm install --save wpapi

Then, within your application’s script files, require the module to gain access to it:

var WPAPI = require( 'wpapi' );

This library is designed to work in the browser as well, via a build system such as Browserify or Webpack; just install the package and require( 'wpapi' ) from your application code.

Download the UMD Bundle

Alternatively, you may download a ZIP archive of the bundled library code. These files are UMD modules, which may be included directly on a page using a regular <script> tag or required via AMD or CommonJS module systems. In the absence of a module system, the UMD modules will export the browser global variable WPAPI, which can be used in place of require( 'wpapi' ) to access the library from your code.